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I have seen lots of examples of trackers. Some with loads of pages some with less. We currently have 42 children so my question is where do you start and how. Also what alot of photocopying for each child is this an issue.


any suggestions appreciated.



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Hi Angela


I guess it depends what you mean by 'trackers'. What information do you need them to hold, and how do you intend to use them?


Also, I agree with what you say about photocopying. I'm lucky enough to have a lovely laser printer that double sides, so when I do a new observation tracker for a new child (about 35 pages each), I just insert the salient details in the footer and send it to print. If I had to stand at my (very slow) ink jet printer I would definitely look for something else!


When we set it up there was an awful lot of work to get them printed for each child, and bind them up. However, I'm guessing that this is a task faced by anyone wanting to introduce trackers for the EYFS in September, so it is worth considering doing a trial for a few children first (we did them for the children who were leaving at the end of term first and then included every child when we were sure they would be useful, and were relatively easy to use).


Once the system is up and running, it will be a lot easier to manage: although there is a need to accept that staff need time away from children to complete them as regularly as you expect them to be updated.


Does any of that help?



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what sort of printer do you have Maz??I'd like one that double sides!

Its an Oki C5700 - relatively cheap to buy but the toner cartridges aren't cheap but they do last a long time and produce beautiful colour copies!


Is that 35 sides or 70? Either way that sounds horrendous. Sorry Maz. xD

35 sides, Susan. It includes all the learn and develop statements from 16 - 26 months to the early learning goals - each aspect has its own page so although there are 35 pages, there is plenty of white space!


We did think long and hard about whether they would be useful or not - the reponse from parents has been overwhelmingly positive and staff can see exactly which stepping stones (what am I supposed to call them now?) we have evidence for. The jury is out as to how helpful they will be in completing profiles, but we'll know that by Christmas!


No need to apologise: what works for one group wouldn't work for another, after all!




PS How proud am I - did you notice I've worked out how to quote from two people's posts in my reply? That'll cut down the number of my posts dramatically! I think it can be said that I am "finding out about and identifying the uses of everyday technology and using information and communication technology... to support my learning!" :o

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