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I have just selected a member of staff to fill the role of behaviour management co-ordinator and that think it would be a good idea to get her and myself on a training course, to update our knowledge in this area.

We are mainly interested in new techniques that are used and different formats to record behaviour / observation formats etc which are up to date.


Does anyone know of any good training that takes place in Hampshire or of a training company i could contact to come to us. We are limited financially, although there is a bit of money left in the pot so could stretch ourselves if the training was worth it.


Failing any training recommendations, do any of you know of a good behaviour management book that has clear guidelines and strategies that could be used as well as forms that could be updated.


Many, many thanks in advance :o

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I have been on a PLA Behaviour Management course which was OK but a year later we asked our area SENCO to come in and train all the staff. It is in their remit to do this and its free! Its also much more personal to the setting and the children within it because we got to ask specfic questions and senerios.


Hope this helps



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