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Hi all,


Got a question for you, hpoe you can help.


I currently run a full day care setting. We have the children for 2 1/2 hrs in the moring then from 12-1 is lunches (paid seperate) and the afternoon session follows from 1-3.30 (to cover funded sessions)


My question is, When i am running the lunch time session, do i still have to have the 50% qualified staff on the premises or can non qualified staff run it ( they all have CRB checks, first aid and 2 with food hygiene)


I have been told by some that i dont have to, but then got pulled up for being out of the setting (on my lunch break time i went to shop to buy my lunch) and was told i should not have left the building (not paid during lunch either!!!)


I would be so much easier if my non qualified staff took lunches as they only work till 1.00 and my 3 qualified staff work through till 4pm.


has anyone else come across the problem and can give me some advice.


Wont even go into the fact that im lucky to get 10 mins lunch, as im always in the room with the children.



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I believe that the Care Standards would require that 50% Qualified at all times children are in attendance.


If you work over 4 hrs you are legally entitled to a 20 min break ( away from the work environment) although this does not have to be paid. check on "working time directive" site.


Qualified staff would have to stagger their lunch breaks to ensure 50% cover.


p.s. don't let anyone suggest someone goes out to get your lunch for you!!!!!!!!


best of luck.



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