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Starting Foundation Degree At Year 2


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Hi all!


I've been accepted to start the Foundation degree from September, but at year 2, because I'd already done the ADCE (level 4). I'm looking forward to it, but getting so nervous as it gets nearer.


My college offers it as a 2 year course (fulltime) or 3 years part time. I'll be at college from 2 till 9 on Thursdays, so work are releasing me all day Thursdays. But Hubby does shift work and on days doesn't get in till after 7, on nights has to leave just after 6. So we'll need someone to help look after the boys (12 & 5), plus Thursdays are elder boy's Scout nights & he's a Patrol Leader.


Hubby would have preferred me to it through OU for these reasons, but I know me better than that! I need to be meeting people every week & to be showing them the progress I'm making to force me to do the work gradually rahter than all in a rush.


I've got this picture in my head that I'm going to go the first class, and all the other students are going to be best friends forever because they all met up last year, so no-one will want to sit with me; they'll all laugh at me for being too old (I mean. I'll be 38 by then :o rolling eyes at myself); they'll have already got this term's reading lists so have got all the relevant books out of the library; everyone will know exactly where to go (and there's no way that's true because we'll be in a brand new building then)...


The crazy thing is, I'm not stressing over anything sensible like How will I manage to juggle work/college/home/social life? Will I be able to do the work? Will we have reliable childcare? Does my mum really reaslise how much she's committed herself to when she said she'd help? How long will it take me to get home on a Thursday night (I don't drive) and how tired am I going to be the next day?

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You will survive, as the song goes. :o


You are sensible to have chosen a route that suits your learning style, I started an online degree, straight into the second year like you, due to having done the ADCE too. I dropped out after 6 months, various reasons, being the 'new girl' which is even harder to deal with using an 'online community'. Also had lots of computer problems, access to internet etc, plus personal health probs.


I think most all early years people have a great skill in multi tasking, achieveing more than is humanly possible and if we had tim to stop and look, we would all see how much our families (spouse, children and extended family) do help and support us both emotionally and practically.


You also have support from others on here doing the same degree, they will recommend the best books to get,which ones you don't need and lots of other support, both emotional and practical (ideas). :(


So, I bet, after the initial settling in period you will sail through the year and quite sooner than you think you will be telling us all that you've completed. xD



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38??38???????????? my dear, you are a mere child, you'll settle in just fine,we have a couple of new people starting on our course in september and I know we'll all make them feel very welcome! 38............wish i was just 38 :o good luck

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Hi Lyanne

You have made the first important step you are aware of the problems and because of this you will DO IT.

You will not be the oldest there and ok friends will be built already but most people who work in ealry years will not ignore you and befroe long you will one of them!! also they woould have had a long break remember so will be building friendships again.

My children are all grown so dont have childcare worries however there are a few on my course that do so you will not be alone on your im sure. I am a farmers wife and run a 9 staff pre-school so have lots of other committments and it has been hard and although i drive i travel 100 mile round trip each week to do the course. What im trying to say is everyone on your course and everyone doing or have done a degree on this forum have barriers. we are all in it together and with our support and admitting sometimes you are struggling and not being afraid to lean on people for a while and accepting their help YOU will do it and whats more it will FLY BY!! :o GOOD LUCK

Andrea x

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38!!!!!!!!!! in our group you'd have been the youngest!!


We had year 2s starting with us- and I can assure buy half-term they were one of the crowd,


........ and as for books - well.... they'd have had them out over the summer (unread!) and you can put a request in..so when they try to get them re-stamped (so they can actually read them!!) you'll be able to have them!!


If it was anything my group, you'll be well recieved - it's good to have some 'fresh blood' coming into the class, after a year you get to know many of your classmates views and thoughts....so new members are a bonus.



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Oh, I'm sure I'll be posting in here by October saying what an idiot I was & how they're a great bunch of people & I'm just as sure I'll be neither the oldest or the youngest!


Its just the fear of the unknown... and now I've finished work till September and the boys are on holiday so I've got no schedule that has to be followed... I'm having the time to sit and worry.


Thank you all for your replies, I'm feeling better all ready!

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