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I would not even consider leaving my baby or child in a setting that did not allow me to stay and settle my child and get them used to the setting for as long as it takes.


In our nursery we allow parents to visit as many times as they like and stay as long as they like to support the childs settling in process, in this way we have no tears, happy children, happy parents.


Prehaps you can suggest mum comes in with baby and stays for a period of time then goes with baby for a week or two so that baby is used to others, during this time, prehaps baby could be cared for by other staff and mums skills used in setting

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Guest Wolfie

I would definitely welcome and encourage parents to stay for as long as they wanted - the settling in period is for all of you - staff, parents and child - and should provide stong foundations for a successful partnership. Each set of parents will have different needs during the settling in period and your policy should recognise that these needs must be responded to sensitively and on an individual basis.

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