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I hope someone can help. I have a new parent whose daughter will start as a 3 yr old in our Foudation Unit in September. She is deeply mistrustful of the benefits of 3-5 yr old working together. I thought I had convinced her on our home visit but yesterday wanted more evidence (not just my enthusiasm!) Are there any research projects, websites, books I can bombard her with. I've got some great stuff from articles on the forum but can any one point me in the direction of more. Our induction meeting is on Tuesday but I want her comvinced by MOnday!

Many thanks Lucyd

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Isn't there an article by Sally Thomas in this week's Nursery World?


Will try and find my copy...


Aha! P16 - article entitled "Learning and Development: Mixed-age settings": Natural choice - more early years settngs are glad they let children of different ages mingle together through the day.


Actually its written by Annette Rawstrone, but quotes Sally Thomas heavily :o



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