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Ofsted Inspection Soon!


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Hi everybody!

We are due for Ofsted very soon. The nursery is opened since last year so we are expecting them....I am very scared because of all the stories I've heard about. I just want to find out what kind of questions the Ofsted inspector will aks...I work in the baby room and I just want to be prepared for everything!


Thank you very much,



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I can't help with your question as I haven't worked in a baby room. Just wanted to say try not to worry, (although I know we all do :o ). Make sure you have a good knowledge of the national standards, a good knowledge of your babies development achievements and needs and a good knowledge of the importance of keyworker and parent as partners role.


Just show that you love and care for these children and have their best interests at heart and you'll be fine. xD



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Don't be scared, they really are human!


Be sure you know the individual babies' routines and preferences (particularly if you are a keyworker), the policies of your setting and the various named persons - SENCO, Child Protection etc - and if you don't know an answer - DON'T TRY TO BLAG IT!!!!! Say you don't know, but if the situation arose you would go to your Senior/Manager/whatever for advice.


They really only want to know you are doing the best for the children, being safe etc and providing a stimulating environment, which I'm sure you are :o


And if it's YOU that answers the door to them - don't forget to ask for ID!!!


Good luck,


Sue xD

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Guest Wolfie

I just wanted to add my best wishes and wish you luck for when the visit happens. Try not to worry - I'm sure that there are far more good experiences of Ofsted than there are bad, they really are human at the end of the day! :o

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