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Hello all!


Yup, it's me again! :-)


I was just wondering if anyone could clarify a few things for me with regards to nursery education... I think I should know these things and I'm panicing that I dont!!


With a split session nursery, do you use the same basic planning for morning and afternoon? I guess you vary it depending on the children but I'm a bit concerned that this will mean double the workload!


Also, what does three-form entry entail? Do you get new children coming in each term? in which case doesn't your class get bigger and bigger?? I'm confused, and concerned.


Any help or advice would be most welcome!



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I don't think there's three classes... so it might be a three point entry... which worries me significantly!


But thank you for clearing that up!



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Hi - as planning in Sept will be based around individual child observations, morning planning and afternoon planning will be completely different if you have different sets of children - therefore 2 x planning - glad I only have morning pre-school !!!!



Dot :o

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but if as in our case many children have a mix of both am and pm it does not necessarily follow.. the planning can be used for both sessions, often find it does..but on different days... by going with the flow ours often changes mid session anyway.. or can be added to ..


the interesting time is when children come in having not been involved and cannot understand why not? they then want to have a go so the planning is then reused for the other children. Seems to happen a lot with ours at the moment..


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Hello Murgaburga!!!!


I know I am late to add to this thread of your but I wanted to add to the previous answers you got!


I work in a nursery that since Sep 2007 has offered mornings or afternoons AND full day care (previously it was just the am and pm set sessions)


We changed due to the fact that numbers were cut into reception and the powers that be felt we did not therefore need 2 nursery sessions (EEEJITS)


The opportunity for parents to leave their children with us all day has been a great success in its first year and we are pleased at the outcome. Going to full day care also helped us deliver the 15 hour per week provision that we offer here in this authority.


However I initially worried re the planning.


Prior to Sep 07 we planned and it was delivered to 2 different sets of children.


Now, we have some children who are with us all day everyday and so there was the worry on my part if the "O" people would be happy with only one set of planning..........


Children like to revisit things.

I have noted that for some they do different things in the afternoon than those they chose in the mornings, for others............. they get chance to do the same activity because it was great or because they loved it first time round and want to try it a different way!


Because the majority of our activities are child led/ child initiated there has not been an issue.

They have access to everything.

We are encouraging them to choose independantly


I might add that when the "O" person visited in May she thought we were outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Previous to this the nursery had been vibrant and exciting!!)


What I do wonder at though is how much time we take to plan and then as we are flexible how often do we actually do what we intended to do because we have let the children lead?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway I have wittered on.


Hope this helped.... a little!!!!!!



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