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can anyone point me in the right direction where i can find some border designs for children to write in the middle for use in writing area - already had quick look on Sparklebox

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I made my own recently for a message writing activity.


Did a search on google images for things like Power Rangers, Ben 10 etc and then drew a box around the outside in Word. Very quick and easy and you can add writing guidelines in the middle if you wish. You can change the position of the image/colour of the box lines etc to vary how the sheets look. Someone also suggested using a photograph of the child to make it personalised headed notepaper but only after I'd run off reams on the laser printer!


I found this easier because I wanted to make 'writing paper' that would tempt the boys especially (although they like Dora the Explorer too!) :o Both boys and girls enjoyed 'writing' on their favourite character's letterhead!



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