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Does anyone have a job description for a deputy pre-school supervisor I could have a peek at?


I really need to look at ours and review it, especially with the EYFS bits all coming in.


Also can I ask a really dopey question (it is only 10 days till we break up and I have lost all brain capacity)- what responsibilties does your deputy have when supervisor is leading session.


Thank you

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HI Tess


I am a deputy at a pre-school. I am in charge for the sessions when my supervisor works at home or is off. When she is there I am basically a normal member of staff and have keyworker children and just ensure that everything runs smoothly if she is busy with a visitor or a phone call - so basically I fill in where needed.


I also have responsibility for the planning, producing the weekly plans and am the settings SENCo.


I have a job description somewhere but its pretty much a combination of a normal bods work and covering supervisor duties when needed.


I think it comes down to how much responsibility you want your deputy to have - if you are happy for them to make decisions in your absence, organise staff and handle any situations that may come up independently.


Don't know if this will help at all!



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heres ours.. seems to be a combination of manager and staff ones all together..


In our case we all work together to make decisions, manager has the overall responsibility but we all have input wherever possible. when you come in it is almost impossible to say who manager is .. we all do same jobs at work.. right down to the cleaning.




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