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I am in need of some more advice again, this time with staffing. A couple of the staff are going at the end of term.


We are a sessional pre-school from Septmeber we will be extending our sessions to 3 hours each morning.

I as the manager work 4 mornings when doing my FD at college and 5 days if not at college (if needed).


Right as I understand it you need a named deputy who is able to take charge in absence of me, does this mean we need a deputy for all 5 mornings? Or can the named deputy work 3 or 4 sessions? I have someone in mind for this postion but its compilcated to explain.


I hope you can help me.





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You need to name somebody to be in charge when you are absent Beth-this would most likely be your deputy but doesn't have to be. You can have more than one person named to take charge-it doesn't have to be the same person every day as long as they have a level 3 ualification.


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Thanks Linda


Yet more questions.........


So does that mean we could have a level 3 named deputy in 3 days and then a different level 3 for 2 days?

Do we need to pay 2 people at deputy manger rate of pay?

Do we also need to adversise the position as a job share if we go down this route?

There is a member of staff who I would like it if she applied for the deputy manager position in preschool, hence the 3 days per week issue. Thats if she would apply for the position as I am trying to find out all my options to give to the committee.


We do need to adversie for the postion very soon otherwise we will be in September before we know it.


I will now carry on having fun working out how many staff and when there needed, with this information.





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I used to have a level 3 person who was named in charge when I was off, on these days she was paid supervisor rate, on the days I was in and she was too, she was paid assistant rate. In other words her rate of pay was higher when she had the higher responsibility. :o



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Hi beth

lets see if I can answer the list

Yes you can have 2 people to cover the post both must be NVQ3 if that help you cover the 5 days.

You would only pay them to be deputy on the days they take that responsibility

no I wouldn't advertise all you are doing is nameing a persons job.

Don't forget that you would need to clear both with OFSTED with a DC2 form as they would be in charge when you are not there. You don't need to do a health check with a doctor just the DC2.

Good luck I have 2 members of staff that are classed as my deputies but they are my leaders so it is slightly different, but they are the ones that take responsibility when I'm not there.

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Ok thanks for that.


So I need one other level 3 to take on the role umm no one in the setting other than the person I am thinking about. Can you tell I have lost some of my level 3's!


Only problem is that we need 1 member of staff to start at 8.30 am to help with set up, as it is too much for one person to do it on there own until the others come in.



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