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A 3yr old boy has just started in our setting and he doesnt speak any English. His 1st language is Lithuanian, and his parent speak enough English to communicate with us. His spoken language is quite good as far as i can tell, as his is understanding of his parents.


Im struggling to find resources online to help, as theres not a lot for this language.


I have picture flash cards to help if he wants something, and we are all continuing to speak English to him and show him with hand gestures and props.


Has anyone else had any children from Lithuanian? and can u suggest any sites to help, or anything you did?


Thank, Ali :o

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Have you contacted your EYA I know we have some who specialise in esl. I know our local library stock lots of books in foreign language even though its in a tiny town. Could you ask him to bring in stuff from home to share with the other children?


Sorry I don't know any more than that.

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we use out local EMAS for information help guidance, we can contact direct or go through EYA . The web site has lots of info you may find useful -

we ensure we model good english, learn a few necessary phrases using parents as our teachers, sign and gestures, pictures , and give the children time to adjust with no pressure.. we have some who don't speak to us for a year, but from talking to parents know they are able to speak well and from the way they behave we know they understand us.. but it is a silent phase. this often continues until they leave but we know that they change and begin to speak eventually.


Parents are out best resource.


They need to hear both languages so encourage parents to keep first language used at home, it is an important part of them. at this age written language is seldom helpful, unless they can read and you can read it. we have a few words with translations and pictures if we need them , numbers are very useful to know.



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