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Hi everyone, got ofsted in this wed and thurs, really confident with my classroom and outdoor play etc etc but having a major melt down about questions they will ask about baselining and how I assess entry scores etc.


Advice needed as to how to prepare for interview with them re standards and progression.



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We had Ofsted in a few months ago and they were very interested in baseline and assessments. We had quite a long meeting and they also wanted to look at data from baseline and end of F2 over the past few years. Have they said in their PIB what they want find out about?


I remember that they wanted to be reassured that we didn't test children on entry and that they were happy with our answers that baseline assessments took place during children's play over the first half term. They questioned some of our judgements and we talked about our use of the profile handbook to advise us on scoring and how we moderate across the team and had attended LEA moderation meetings. I had my file of data with me which was useful to refer to when I needed to.


They asked us about the trends we'd noticed over the last few years in our intake and baseline scores as we've had a new housing esate built nearby and they were interested in he impact on this on the types of children/families that were now coming to the school.


Our Head was in the meeting with me and I job share the Team Leader role so there were three of us which was great as one of us could normally come up with an answer or add in bits that the others forgot. I think they wanted to know that as TLs we understood the data and were using it to inform our practice. They wanted to know about areas that we had identified from the data that were strengths and weakness for the Unit and what we had put in place to address the issues.


Think I'm rambling now! Hope it helps. I spent time thinking about the data and worrying that I wouldn't know the figures off the top of my head but I really didn't need to. I did look at data and point things out from my file in the meeting and I found that in the meeting most of the right things came out of our mouths! Also, there was one bit of data that I couldn't lay my hands on during the meeting, I said I knew it was on my laptop and the Inspector was happy for me to give it to her later.


Good luck Lotte, hope it goes well.

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We had our ofsted in october and all they wanted were the figures we keep for entry and exit for the previous year, our position statement saying how we were raising attainment in areas we were concerned about and what information we had entered in our SEF. They also asked what were the main goals for the future of the FS as a whole. I was then questioned on how the raising attainment was going and how did i know this and could i see any problems arrising for this cohort.


I think as long as you can discuss how you have used your figures to improve the teaching and learning and you have some aspirations for the FS in the future you will be fine.


By the way our FS came out good.


Last comment - enjoy speaking to someone who really knows what they are talking about and are as interested in the Foundation Stage and your children as you are.


Good Luck hope this helps.

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