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Hi, I have to do a short presentation on 'Supporting parents of children with special needs' for an interview. Has anyone any suggestions that I can do to make it interesting and maybe interactive or any advice at all!!!!

Thank you in advance


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I'm about to do a very short presentation on Inclusion. My key to it is the language we use when we talk about a child. I think you could stress the importance that we see in naming the child not the condition or disability. My absolute seething hate is the words 'the downs girl'. She's not a downs girl. She is a girl, called Rea, and if you really need to know, she has downs syndrome.

I havent really by the way.


You could focus on how we help parents to understand who the different agencies are, what the language they use means, how we can help them to claim benefits, obility allowances, specialized equipment. Information about their child's disability from every source possible can give them control of it. I read everything available when my son was diagnosed with asthma so I was comfortable with it.


Cant help with the interactive bit, thats an area I have no idea on. Buut you could maybe have a list of organisations, leaflets of support groups. Got me thinking for my presentation now. Good luck :o

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Hi Rea, thank you so much you have given me loads of ideas and now I can work on a structure! Good luck on your presentation.

Thanks again


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