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hi we are just about to start the bristol standard. had a meeting today with staff decided to do partnership with parents first. brainstormed ideas about what we do in the setting. will spend the next few weeks gathering evidence. any ideas on how to go about it or tips would be greatly appreciated.



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Here is what we did for that dimension first time around. Set yourself 2 or 3 SMART targets for each dimension. Be clear that the evidence you present is evidence of your strengths not of achieving the targets you've set yourself. thats for the next time when you do your interim standard.






We are approachable and parents feel able to come and talk to us at any time.

We use local resources eg the library and also parents skills

arents are free to visit with their child at any time before starting. They are given good consistent information when they do.

There is a variety of social and fundraising events for parents and carers eg playdough evenings, meals out, craft sessions. There are also more formal opportunities for parents to meet with staff.



Parents as partners policy

Photos of parents demonstrating jobs.

Parents letter and brochure see D1

Newsletter with event info. See D1


Areas to focus on next

Providing a space for confidential talks with parents.

to revise our initial information form to ensure it gathers useful information

Offering parenting information

We know very little about most other local settings. It would be helpful to know more and to share practice with other practitioners

to offer home visits to every family


Benefits for the children

Allows parents to discuss sensitive issues. Children benefit by staff being more knowledgeable about issues affecting them and therefore better equipped to deal with them.

Staff will get to know children more quickly and be more able to provide appropriate activities for them and to help them to settle in/ move on

Children will benefit from more positive parenting which is up to date and relevant

We will have a greater bank of ideas and be able to share best practise. There may also be occasions when a different setting is more appropriate for a child

Familiarity with preschool staff prior to starting enabling them to settle more easily

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Bristol standard is a Journey and can be started at any level.. there is no ' you must show this and do this ' to pass... just show your journey and how you are developing and self assessing what you do. Doesn't matter how yopu lay it out or show what you are doing so long as it uses the correct headings.


biggest tip I can give is ensure the benefits for the children are just that...


In some of the dimensions it is hard to ensure that is is a benefit for the child not the parents, staff etc. especially the 7- staffing 9 - partnership with parents and 10 monitoring and evaluation

for example if the staff under go training you need to say how the child benefits from the training not that 'the staff will be more aware of the children's needs'...that is classed a benefit to the staff not child...

word it so that the child will benefit by staff being more aware of......saying what the training helped you learn about children's needs.


sounds a bit piccy but if you start every sentence with ' the child will benefit by....or include this phrase in the sentence it helps focus the answer better and allows the validators to understand that you know what you are doing.




evidence.. make sure it is easy to find... ideally number pages and say which page it can be found on so validators don't have to spend a long time searching for it and give up trying to find it! no need to evidence every thing but as much as you can. As a lot can be cross referenced to other dimensions by numbering pages you only have to put it in once and it makes it easy to do.. (we looked at it as an NVQ for the setting!!)


annotate photographs but not in reams of details.. just a brief description of what is happening or planning you have done to go with it.


and ensure it is all there ,


Big tip. As you complete tasks during the year make up a folder of evidence as you go along.. need not be in detail but when you do your Interim you will have a lot of it evidenced and done already!



Can think of more but at moment they are the biggest reasons people do not pass... ( we passed very well 3 years )


good luck



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