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Yes Planning Again!


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Hi :o


I have not posted before so a little nervous!

I have worked within the foundation stage for the past 5 years. I believe the change that the new EYFS will bring is long awaited.

Although we have always planned having the childrens views in mind we as a setting have failed to note this down within our planning. I have used some ideas from here and some ideas of the nursery and devised a new weekly planning sheet.


It will include childrens names who will be specifically observed that week, also space for planned focused activities gathered from observations taken the previous weeks aimed towards helping children with specific needs or interests they may have. Also planned activities towadrs a background topic, special event or festival can be put onto the sheet.


We have a separate sheet for continuos provision which is only changed if something is changed within the setting.


The nursery setting is free choice and everything is available all of the time. he children are told what the focused activity is and where it will be in the room and then left to choosewhat they wish to do. We have an activity board where children velcro their name next to the activity they wish to do. We do not set out any tables except the focused activity as children do this independently.


I would like to know what people think and if they have any suggestions.


Thank you

Please be nice



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Hi Claire and Dee -

Welcome to the Forum! I'm sure someone better placed than me will come along with something useful shortly - just wanted to say hello! :o


And Claire - we're always nice!

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