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I am completing my profiles for the FS stage and am just interested in people's views on SD7 and SD8.


Understands that people have different needs, views, cultures and beliefs that need to be

treated with respect-SD7


Understands that s/he can expect others to treat her or his needs, views, cultures and beliefs

with respect - SD8


Are they easier to give than I am thinking.......I can see SD7 for some children who are helpful towards others, esp children with additional needs - and is it also if they enjoyed Chinese New Year celebrations and activities, Christmas activities etc - and also if children support different teams.


But what do you give SD8 for...


ANy advice appreciated

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NAA talk about thinking of the following


Cultures = lifestyles of the children, not just religions. How I lead my life will be different to yours but we have to accept each is OK.


Beliefs = may be things like believing in the tooth fairy or Father Christmas, not just religions


Views = What I like and don't like, accepting others might like something I don't, like a football team


Needs - I have glasses and nned to use them, that's OK.


It's looking at what these are from the eprspective of being 5.


The additional guidance is good and should clarify for you. Point 8 in the guidance is the one described as having a positive self image - being secure with who and what we are.


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Thanks for replies


It is a hard one to judge....I have seen the guidance and it just something you have a gut feeling for - esp if not so much religious but about likes / dislikes etc.....Do you give many children SD 7 and 8

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