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What a great idea to share tried and tested recipes on this site. I have just been looking at your recipes to look for inspiration for cooking at school for our end of term party. I love the idea of painting biscuits. Just a small query with the recipe for "flapjacks". The ingredients say "3 large eggs". I have never used eggs in flapjacks before and cannot see them in the cooking instructions. :o Is this a new recipe or an accidently-on-purpose deliberate mistake?!!




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Um - don't know how they crept in there Jackie -


Fortunately they're not referred to in the instructions so hopefully no-one has actually tried to use them! I suspect it might have been my enthusiasm for not duplicating work that led to over-enthusiastic copying and pasting...


The eggs have now been removed - recipes is a good idea, correct recipes is an even better idea!


Thanks for pointing them out and thanks also for your feedback! :)

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