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Not sure if this has been posted before but found these today.


EYFS TODAY on Teachers TV. A selection of videos and other useful links.


EYFS Today - Learning and Development (video)

15 minutes


... the heart of the Learning and Development theme in the new EYFS framework. Play is central to the new requirements of the EYFS and can provide evidence for all six areas of learning. Former Albert ...



EYFS Today - Positive Relationships (video)

15 minutes


... Centre for Research in Early Childhood helps to unpack the EYFS document and relate it to the everyday experiences we see. Great ...



Need To Know - Early Years Foundation Stage (video)

15 minutes


... encouraging "tick-box teaching". Need to Know - EYFS Mike Baker (BBC)explains the impact of the EYFS on Early Years Practice. Good emphasis on explaining avenues for ...


EYFS Today - A Unique Child (video)

15 minutes


... and the panel discuss the implications of the new EYFS and examine how some practitioners are interpreting its themes and ... Using footage from the programmes in the series EYFS Today, in which the panel members appear, they discuss EYFS starting at birth, inclusive practice and how EYFS should encourage ...




EYFS Today - Enabling Environments (video)

15 minutes


... and how this fits in with the requirements of the new EYFS, and Professor Chris Pascal from the Centre for Research in Early Childhood helps to unpack the EYFS document and relate it to some of the children's projects. This ...




Learning Through Play - Language and Literacy Development (video)

15 minutes


... we'll get it right - are you listening government???? EYFS We are very good at spending money on research to show us what works ... blindly ignore it because it costs too much! Oh irony! EYFS Why hasn't the EYFS recognised that, worldwide, staff-pupil ratios are ...




School Matters - Early Years Foundation Stage (video)

30 minutes


... which becomes mandatory from September 2008. The EYFS framework has sparked a party political row about how far the ... in this country based on the Swedish approach. EYFS working with parents The video is an excellent tool to develop an ... the positive and negative issues and perspectives for the EYFS. However, I feel that the focus of informing parents is essential and ...




EYFS Framework: About (web link)

A guide to the complete EYFS (Early Years, Teacher) ...


Teachernet: EYFS (web link)

A comprehensive look at the EYFS Themes & Principles (Early Years, Teacher) ...


EYFS: A Unique Child (web link)

Effective practice for A Unique Child (Early Years, Teacher) ...



click the link HERE for all the above videos.



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Aaah I love Teacher TV! I always seem to miss the programmes on the tele tho but the site is fab and often watch on there. It's on Sky Channel 880, by the way.

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