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I really hope somebody can help. I have got an interview this week for a job in an early years unit BUT first of all I have to 'undertake a task with the children!') I am to take circle time with 10-15 nursery children who will be moving up to reception. (Early Learning Goal: PSE: be confident to try new activities, initiate ideas and speak in a familiar group) All of the children have English as an additional language(Bangladeshi origin) and I have zero practical experience of teaching children with EAL.

I would really appreciate some ideas.



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HI Jo, I'm pretty sure I haven't welcomed you in before, so welcome aboard!


Have you looked at the circle time article, doesn't that help a little?


As the children are EAL, you probably need to keep your activity very simple, think what you might do with Englsh speaking children of this age and modify or be prepared to modify your responses/ demands.

I think I would take a puppet or soft toy of some description and get the children to talk to it, tell it their names, could they make up a story about it? ie what happened as it came to school perhaps, something that the children might relate to?

Really its very difficult when you don't know the children or what they have done before, so what sort of thing would do with a new class? Again I think I'd assume very little and begin to establish some rules for circle time, at least that way you will know they might be going to respond how you want/ expect them to.

I@M sure for this sort of activity they will be looking at your interactions with the children rather than the quality of the responses per se.


Good luck! Hope that has helped a little!!

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Thanks Susan,

the article was definately helpful, I have also got hold of a Jenny Mosley book which has also given me some ideas. Will definately be using the soft toy idea to introduce names

jo :D

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