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Hi Guys,

has anyone heard of the following condition and do you know what it is called?


A child cannot relate to positive interaction, ie destroying work that has been descibed as good. They are comfortable with negative responses from people, being unable to cope with any positives at all.


I'm sure someone will be able to help, I think it's a 'syndrome' of some description.




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I would say that your description could be a 'trait' within quite a few syndromes / conditions. On it's own it appears to me to be behavioural and emotional symptoms, maybe due to many reasons;

low self esteem and self worth.

possibly a child who has experienced having positive things quickly taken away or changed to negatives so is fearful of positive experiences.

maybe a child who see's negative responses as more the norm, thus feeling comfortable with them.

maybe a cognitive condition, misinterpreting social interactions.


most probably one or more or neither of the above, so sorry not much help. Have you discussed the childs behaviour with parents or SENCO advisor, it certainly appears that he/she needs support. oops sorry I've assumed you are describing a real child, but your question may be to do with study. :o



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I would also like to know more about this . Not heard of ODD before but have a child of8 who has more or less the same type of behaviour with anger and self harming thrown in for good measure. the child attends our out of school club he has IEP for behaviour but not got a statement. will keep an eye on this post.


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Thanks for responding. The query arose due to a conversation with my mum (former nursey nurse and social worker) about the child I currently work with. She could not remember the name of a syndrome one of her children was diagnosed with, so I thought you may be able to help. I told her how wonderful this site is and I did tell her that Peggy would be a good bet for an answer.


I do wonder if this is what the chap I work with suffers from as he does not cope with positves and will try to turn everything into a negative. He rips up work if he is told it is good, he even kicked me the other day because one of the teachers told him he was sitting nicely. :o

To try to combat this I have started putting his stickers on his work book instead of giving them to him. This seems to work at the moment. I have been trying to ignore minor bad behaviour which sometimes works as he sees no reaction and stops, but other times he continues, such as poking other children and this will turn into hitting and kicking if I don't tell him off.

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