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Hi again


Just re-jigging my FS file to make sure it addresses the EYFS principles etc and would be greatful for your input. Have got these sections so far (am subject leader for 6 subjects and have 6 files, so am worried in my confusion, that i might have missed something) Please let me know if you think they are not necessary or I've missed anything out!



School Improvement for FS,

EYFS/ECM links,

Health and Safety/Welfare Requirements,

Moderation, Planning and Assessment,


Scrutiny of 'work',

Transition Arrangements,

Parents As Partners,

Staff Development/CPD,

EYFS meetings with staff, Governors, other professionals (dates only, no details)


Have i missed anything? Am sick looking at the file now!!! Would appreciate your help...


Moo xx

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I dont know if you keep budgetary info/ purchases etc in you folder, I used to. I didn't keep planning in the leader folder as this was individual to each class. I kept profile data etc all together for ready access, and by observations, do you mean of colleagues (eg PM?). Also section for blank proformas


What matters is that you can put your hand on what you need. We used to have the same ones across the school so the order and sections were agreed school wide.

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Thanks Mundia. hadn't thought of budget stuff!


The planning is a long term plan of how the ECM outcomes and ELGs will be covered over the year (not my short term!) Assessment is just an overview of when and how the children will be assessed, moderation will only include the feedback from moderation meetings.


Thanks for your reply. Very much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!




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