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Hi all


Hope you've had a good half term. It's been a mad week and it's only wednesday! To cut a long story short I've been put forward to be considered as a Leading Found Stage Teacher. A woman phoned me today to say that she's coming at the end of next week to observe my teaching, look through my plans, assessments etc and 'interview' me afterwards.


Now I'm thinking 'Oh ****!!!' Anyone got any idea of what she might ask, or what she might be looking for, what should I 'teach' for her observation? Am in a blind panic now!! Anyone had anything similar? Would massively appreciate your suggestions/advice. feeling a bout of alcoholism coming on!


thanx in anticipation!





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First of all well done, and now to practicalities. is this a job you want? Are you clear about what it entails? Once you're sure about that then you can focus on getting it.


Im sure she will be looking for an excellent teacher and I don't think it matters what you teach but I always think soemthing that brings in some creativity or movement is a good bet. Pick an area of strength for yourself.


In terms of interview I can only guess but Id expect someone to be able to talk about the EYFS and also be able to explain it to others. I expect that if she wants to look at plans etc, you'll be talking those through with her and this will demonstrate how well you know what you're talking about.


Perhaps other leading teachers can come forward and give you better ideas. Good luck with it, let us know how it goes wont you?

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First of all congratulations!


I'm a member of a team of leading teachers for literacy, rather than Foundation Stage. If they are asking you to do it, I'd grab it with both hands! At the very least, you will be at the forefront of anything new, have lots of training, and keep abreast of any new ideas really easily. It's great meeting with like minded practitioners and sharing ideas (bit like on here :o ) and if you go out supporting staff in other schools, you get a real sense of achievement when you help someone see through a problem. I also think I've learnt loads from the people and schools I've supported, too. There's always something new to see when you go round other schools. On the "down" side, my class did comment the other day "We never see you any more"; you have to be careful not to get overloaded at the expense of your own school!

It might also be a step in the direction of a becoming consultant/AST if you're ambitious in that way and you fancy that route, rather than management.


You'll probably find the observation is more to confirm what she's already been told about you - someone must have mentioned your name along the way to put you forward for it, so try not to worry.


Let us know how you go on,

Tracylu xD

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I went for interview a few weeks ago to become a seconded early years advisory teacher. I was asked to talk about letters and sounds phase one. Also asked questions about how I am flexible, reflective, how would I deal with someone who was dead against letters and sounds etc. It was all very general.I got the job so it must have been okay! Hope this is helpful. Good luck!

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Thanks guys. Feeling better already!


I'm not really interested in management or consultancy cos I love teaching and wouldn't want my class to suffer cos they're the reason I try to do a good job. I do enjoy helping others (NQTs within school and people I've met) so i wouldn't mind going out to schools or having them come to me, as long as my class weren't greatly affected. Really like the idea of learning from others and seeing different practices.


Think i'll just do phonics as normal (cos I enjoy teaching it ) usually involves singing, bit of movement/ICT. I'll make sure the follow-up is physical (prob outdoors) and that my weekly challenges encourage the floaters to engage and that the continuous provision has 'bells on'. That sound ok?


Thanks again for your advice. You've no idea how much it helps and has helped in the past!

xx Will keep you all posted

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