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Hi everyone


I have to arrange a trip for our pre-school and they have never been on one before. I have to do policy, procedures and risk asessment. perental permission forms. Does anyone know of any good sites which will help me with this information. please!!!


Flosse :o

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Have you looked in the resource area? I dont often go there so cant be sure but there might be a policy. I cant help with the procedures because its such a long time since I needed to read one. Same with parent permission slips. The risk assessment will depend on where the trip is to. Each trip has its own risks that would need to be highlighted and guarded against.

Not a lot of help really :o

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I usually visit the venue before visiting, then write a risk assessment. I have a generic one (attached) but you will need to add specifics. I also take parents on the trip and give them a copy of the risk assessment and guidleines for nursery trips that are aimed at parents/helpers.


Many venues will hve their own risk assesment that you can add to yours, they are only concerned with the risk at the venue, whilst we have to cover everything from leaving nursery, travelling, returning and signing out the children safely. Hope this is of some help.





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