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Hi Chaps


Here I go again. Anothert interview for my dream job...teaching in a nursery attached to a primary school. Interview on Friday.


So....any hot topics I should know about?, that I may be asked.





Sorry if you've read this before. I tried posting, but it didn't work.

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Hi there Kate :D


Well, I hope your interview goes really well - not a teacher so not really sure how it will go, topics etc, but will keep everything crossed and think about you!!


Good luck!


Sue :D

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Good luck Kate. Hope all goes well.


I would think you need to know about profiles, they have to be pertinent to anyone in Nurseries or REception, don't they? and possibly F1 v F2? Any chance they might want to integrate the 2 in some way? So transition to F2 too?


Mundia could probably give you better advise but you could try looking back at her posts especially re FS units.

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Hi Kate...loads of luck. I work in a Nursery attached to a Primary school and I love it ! I don't think on the whole they want to trip you up.. a few ideas that friends have been asked recently

1) 3 things on your wishlist !!!

2) give 5 words to describe yourself !!! GULP !

3) How would you cater for visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners in your Nursery ?

4) Describe your ideal Nursery

5) Describe a really successful activity you have carried out with Nursery children and why was it so successful ?


and you might get a partnership with parents /

how would you develop an area of the Nursery environment e.g. water area /


I think it always looks good to take something with you such as photos, a book you've made etc. ... it looks keen !


Hope this gives you an idea or two. I'm not sure these are hot topics but friends have been asked them i the last month... so they are recent anyway !


All the best, relax and enjoy telling them about how fab you are and your enthusiasm to work in that setting.


GOOD LUCK, let us know how you get on !




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Inclusion may be an issue that comes up - such as gender, children who live in care, sen, eal, children who are young carers etc. and how you wuld ensure that they are catered for... or something like that!


Good luck and hope all goes well!

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No job, not enough experience. But how does one get any if one isn't given a chance. Beating heads and brick walls come to mind. The really annoying thing is, that I have informed my Head 4 years in a row that I want a chance to teach the youngest children and it's on my professional development. Just shows how worthless that is.


Sorry, will feel better in a coup[le of days, but at the moment the thought of going back to my preseny school in September fills me with despair :o



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Oh Kate,

It's so sad hearing you talk like this. You have to find something at your school that inspires you, and will keep you going until the next job comes up. Things that spring to mind are:

1) Starting something new with the children that you've never done before.

2) Doing something jointly with another member of staff who you get on really well with.

3) Negotiating with your SMT some time in reception/joining in with their planning, so you start to get some experience there.

4) Start reading about something in the early years that you haven't considered learning about before....go to the University library where there is a fantastic early years section. You can start planning what you'll do when you get your own reception class. :o

5) Write those dance articles for this site!!!!!!!!!! :D

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OH Kate so sorry you were unlucky xD but be heartened that they liked you enough to interview you!

It does seem a bit like the never ending circle I know as I've been there!

There's something better waiting for you Kate , there just has to be--I'm waiting for my lucky break too and just know thats its got to come! :o


Hope in a few days down the line you'll feel lots better and remember its end of term you've worked hard and now you need a rest, just as much as a new job.

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