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Holiday And Pirate Topics Please Help!


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Hello, this is my first time posting something on the forum! Not sure if I am doing it right!? I am trying hard to plan my topic for the summer term - my reception class are doing holidays and we are having an outdoor campsite - requested by the class - but would appreciate any planning ideas for this topic. We are also having a whole school Pirate week with a science focus ( parents invited to see end result!) and i have no ideas of what to do - only floating and sinking come to mind, but not sure how to make it exciting for parents and children! Any help appreciated. Thank you Cat xox :o

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Well for Pirates recently, we sang the pirate song, made pirate eye patches out of felt, bit of material for a head scarf, made pirate flags for our boat, read a great book about Tom's pirate house which involved girl pirates which was a good way of challenging stereotypical views. We also made pirate pizza boats - half a bridge roll cut lengthways, spread with tomato ketchup, topped with grated cheese and ham and tomatoes etc, topped with one of those sandwich buffet flags, which the children wrote their names on. They were very well received by the children.


Hope that's some help.

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Hi there.


um, i camp, and the most important thing to me is having a flat surface (for obvious reasons).


Could this be fitted in to the planning, looking at different enviroments to camp, hills, rocky areas ect.


What happens if you choose the wrong area, (gravity). ????? :o

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We balanced a plank into the water tray so that our duplo/playmobil people had to walk the plank and land in a boat. Also asked children to try doing it with one hand only and an eye patch on. Not really science I know.

We also got the children to design the best pirate boat using re cycled materials - any use?


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ttachment=5248:pirate_language.doc]We had a pirate boat for the role play items included:


Treasure chest (jewelry box with plastic coins and beads inside)

Large hoop made to look like a ships wheel

plastic bottle with a message inside

We used a couple of hooks in the ceiling, weighted with heavy beads and hung a laminated flag so the children could 'hoist the jolly roger!'

dressing up clothes - pirate hats, bandanas, bangles, beads, patches, hooks etc

Maps of the world, a globe, a telescope, a compass, a plank of wood!

We programmed the pixie to find the treasure - making our own treasure maps on large A3 paper

We had a treasure hunt outdoors using a map that mysteriously appeared one morning and we found the treasure - which was a pirate pencil for each child and a pirate picnic!

We sorted jewels and counted coins

We walked the plank and made our own pirate boats from 3D recycled materials

We used feathers to make our own parrots and also made a cutlass from cardboard, decorating it with sequins or beads.

We also made jewelry from left over beads

We had a great time singing sea shantys - Swashbuckling Sea Songs: Pirates of the Caribbean by Various Artists

Read The Night Pirates by Peter Harris and Deborah Allwright with CD

Pirate Things to Make and Do (Usborne Activities) by Rebecca Gilpin

Pirate Pete by Nick Sharratt

Pirate Pete by Kim Kennedy and Doug Kennedy for older children

Played Pop up pirate (Tomy)


I hope these bits help you in the future or anyone else who has a pirate topic.


Why are pirates called pirates ... because they arrrrr!! Sorry had to be done!



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We used the washing tablet boxes you get your liqui-tab detergent in and decorated them first as personal treasure chests - they were such a success that the childre are still bringing them in now three weeks later with special stuff in to show at circle time.

The whole activity spiralled into actually making them, hiding treasure in the garden in them, touchy feely boxes, number boxes, letter boxes, it just went on and on from one child's pirate obsession, the whole lot of them are pirate crazy now - it is great! :o

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Thank you all for your help. This forum is wonderful! The pirate week went really well and the children loved it - will defintely do it again. Thanks :):o

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I am fairly new to this site also and am not sure what to do or how to find things. I teach foundation and KS1 children

Am also doing pirates this half term. We are hopefully making pirate hats etc. Try some of the following website. TES connect also have some good ppt on pirates. Hope this helps.







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Guest jenpercy

I would just say in response to the Pirate Dance attachment that the Pirate's daughter should be ditched. The Pirate's daughter should be up the rigging with the other pirate's and cutting the throat of anyone who dared wolf whistle!!!! Historically some of the most blood-thirsty pirates were women.


We run an Equal Opportunities Ship around here!

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