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Job Interview - Role Play And Scenarios


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Hi there


I hope some of you can help with this - I've just got through to the second round of a nursery teacher's job - and my letter said that I would be involved in a 15-20min role play situation, followed by scenario questions. Any ideas about how to prepare? I'm thinking that the scenario questions could be to do with anything - parents, behaviour management of children, child protection etc., but the role play bit has me worried!! I'm thinking they might get someone to pretend to be an angry parent, or they might give me a box of resources and get me to plan what I would do with them?! Has anyone had any experience of this??


Any help gratefully received.


Many thanks.



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Guest Wolfie

The only role play experience that I have is from when I did my Gateway for EYPS so that's of no help really.


However, I would guess that within the role play situation you will be asked to play the role of the job you are going for and not someone like an angry parent. The role play scenario will give the panel an opportunity to assess your ability and skills in dealing with a situation that you might easily have to deal with as part of your job....so don't worry too much about it! I actually quite enjoyed mine in the end!


Good luck - let us know how you get on! :o

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I did a role play for one of my recent job applications. I've applied for so many job over the past few years that I find myself assessing the interview process and the interviewers! Anyway, the role play was spot on, it was exactly the right thing to do for the job I was going for. The point about this type of interview is that I don't really think you can prepare and your personality comes across much better in this style of interview. If the post is for nursery teacher then I might expect it to be something related to explaining an aspect of the EYFS to a parent or member of staff. Sometimes you can get a clue from the person spec, or if this is the second round, what did you do in round one?


I was very worried about doing this type of interview (and as Wolfie said also doing the gateway review for EYPS) but actually you do tend to quite naturally fall into role, and Id much rather do this than answer questions which tend to put me in the rabbit in headlights mode.


Good luck and do let us know how you get on..

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