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I have just filled out forms for some of my parents/carers for their working tax credits/council tax forms returns. We are open during the term time and operate a Holiday Club subject to number of children booking in. NEG covers the term time fees but as explained can only open for holiday club if numbers cover rent/wages, this is always explained to parents/carers and is in our prospectus.


I have recently filled in forms for a number of parents/carers stating that for 39 weeks of the year they pay x amount but for 10 weeks of the year they will have to pay the normal fees.


On placing the format on the parental notice board for Holiday Club- I noticed that some of my parents are not booking in the hours that their chil/dren would normally attend even though I have filled out their forms as though they were booked in for the Holiday Club.


I spoke to one of my parents today and she said that everybody does it and that it should be ok - I told her that I was not happy that I had filled her form in and that she had not booked the sessions I had signed for - do hope this makes sense - I am a bit worried about this - Has anyone else come across this situation before???



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Hi. Not quite the same but just to warn you and everyone else that we have had a small number of calls from the tax offices regarding a few parents who have claimed their child was attending the pre-school and they were paying £x for that attendance. In all cases it seems to us the parent has failed to inform the tax people that their child was eligible for NEF and had allowed the tax office to believe they were still paying out. We have simply stated when the child started, how much fees were then and when the child started to be funded by NEF not fees. The tax office were very nice with us about it, but we play no part in the filling in of the forms.

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we dont have this as not open during holiday time but personally I would not sign for any more hours than booked.


Maybe others do this but is the parent now getting extra money and not passing it on to a childcare provider?


What would happen if you billed them for the hours you have signed for?


Must admit to disliking the abuse of the system.



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