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Has anyone got an example of a teacher threshold form that I could take a look at.

My friend and I are try ing to fill her form in and we have looked at an example but its the old style and of no help.

Any help or webpages that show examples would be great

thanks :o

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Hi Mary. Unless I'm looking at the wrong form, the format hasn't really changed that much from the one I did many years ago, although the standards have changed.

Can I suggest that you look at the standards along with the threshold guidance and just jot down a few examples of how you demonstrate these in your day to day practice. I don't know the exact details, but you previously were asked for about 3 examples, which you can bullet point. You need to know where your evidence is for each one (but don't need to collect truck loads of paperwork).


Its always better to have a go yourself first, and maybe come back to us if there are particluar standards that you are having trouble understanding or evidencing. There will always be some that are easier than others, so start with those.

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