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I have just taken over as foundation stage co ordinator after returning from maternity leave. I have been thrown in at the deep end and desperately need some help with organising planning for september. Is everyone using their old plans or designing a new long term plan. If anyone has any egs that they would share that would be a great help>



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I'm in a similar position to you. I am the Foundation Stage co-ordinator and return to work in July after a year's maternity leave. I feel completely out of touch having missed all the training on the EYFS. When I go back in July the head is expecting me to re-design our planning and assessments to fit in with the new EYFS ready for September! I have bought a couple of books but as you can imagine have not had time to look at them yet being at home with my baby!

I'm hoping I can just tweak what we have already but would be very grateful if anybody has any great ideas!


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Hi there both of you - I'm not sure you will need to change your planning formats at all really, you're still working towards the ELGs and they haven't changed, and the stages of development contain the SS in various guises with indents of B23 as appropriate. In the section enabling environments (on the disc) you will find an "in depth" paper (right at the top of the page on the green band) which takes you through all the expectatins and guidance very comprehensively.


Some ELGs in LSL have been reworded and the scale points changed in line.


What you will need to consider is how any of the statutory framework may require adaptations to current practice - more the ethos and practice behind the delivery of day to day stuff if you like.


I always think that actually planning could be written on the back of an envelope - it's the delivery and content/thinking behind the plans that actually count. I can't count the number of times I've been given swanky formats of planning and then seen really disconnected teaching and learning!!



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