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Any Ideas For Name?


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At nursery we take children from 4 months to 5 years. We have the seperate age ranges, babies (0-18months) toddlers (18months-3 years) then the '3-5s' which used to be called 'preschool' but we decided to change this. I don't like 'pre-school'- sounds just like we're 'preparing' them. Thing is 3-5s sounds a bit strange.


Does anyone have any ideas for what to call this age range? I thought about the babies being acorns, the toddlers seedlings, the pre-school oaktrees but this is a bit twee maybe!


Any ideas welcome! It is a big nursery and we have many rooms, which we call blue room orange room etc but i was also thinking of new names for these but am a bit stuck!

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tadpoles - froglettes - frogs


goldfish - dolphin - blue whale


Ooops! having trouble taking my tounge out of my cheek! :o



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Did you specifically want something to suggest the ages like your suggested acorns, seedlings etc, which actually I don't think sounded too twee.


If not then the sky is the limit.


Insects - Dragonfly, Grasshopper, Bumble Bees


Flowers - Bluebells, Foxgloves, Tulips


Give me a bit longer and I'll see what else I can come up with



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