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What Children's Drawing Tell Us


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Hi, I used to have a detailed account of the developmental stages children go through when they are drawing. You could see the progression from early scribble to detailed pictures. Ours have just drawn a picture of themselves and their friends for a competition and I would love to know what things mean. The speech and language therapist said that these drawings are a great insight into cognitive development. If anyone can help with a simple explanation or point me in the direction of one, I would be so grateful. Thank you. :o

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I had a really good example of the stages but not sure where I got it from, will do a search.


found this, good but not the one I was looking for








fOUND THIS, stages of writing development, not what you wanted but thought it was interesting






p.s. didn't find what I was looking for though.

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I do have something on the wall at work which I'll copy tomorrow. In the meantime is this any use:


and this:


and more:



I'm stopping now cos Google is addictive and I could be here all night. This is a fascinating topic!

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I had to do a whole study on this at college and only recently threw out the pictures that a neighbours child drew in 1982, she was 5 then so now......31 oh my god!! Don't have any useful documents but still draw on this when assessing children. (Not bad for a teacher eh? :o )


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Thanks to you all for the really useful links. It's so annoying when you lose something useful. I'm now going to compare the drawings os themselves done in August to the ones completed now. Hope there's lots of progress!! Rosie

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