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Sue R

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Hi all!


Hope I've put this in the right forum! Expect Steve will put me right, so no worries! :o


I hope some of you have read this great article!! If you haven't yet read it, I urge you to do so. Circle Time can be a real drag, and I've been doing my bit to liven it up, but it never occurred to me to take Sue's approach and really unpick it. The results are amazing, and I have already begun to put her ideas into practice in my own setting, where they're going down really well!


Sue - Gold Star to you!!! :(


By the way - why are there only rarely discussions of the great articles on this site ? xD Let's start reading and discussing! After all, school hols are coming up (for some of you !! :( ) plenty of time!!


Sue :D

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Thanks Sue -

Took your invitation seriously and moved your topic into the 'Article Discussions' forum! :D


I quite agree - excellent article by Sue Richardson (just to draw a distinction between the two of you...).


And I'd love to see more discussion of the articles on the site - if only to give me some idea of how many more and what type to publish! :)

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Oh No!!!!!!!!!

Total mortification!!!!!!!!!


How could i be so unobservant?

How long has it been there?


If you say since the relaunch I'm going to have to find a high bridge, even higher than the moon!!!



Sue :o

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Well that answered one question, which Sue wrote the article.


Quite inspiring! :D


How lucky to be able to withdraw a small group of children for circle time. I have to do mine with 30 children and not sure it would be possible to split to make smaller groups, time if nothing else would not allow.

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And I did all that weeping and wailing and g-nawshing of teeth (think Paisley there!) for nothing........... :(


Wait till I get hold of you....


But thanks - feel so much better now :)

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I read the article and was truly inspired by it too. :) (And I've read yours as well now :o ) I think it's a really good idea to spend some time looking at each aspect of your provision in more depth and trying to work out how you can improve things. Thats why this site has been invaluable to me, because working on my own it's sometimes quite difficult to look at the things I do objectively (and brainstorming by yourself is a lonely business :( !!). Reading about the sorts of things other people do gives me an excellent starting point to make my own changes for the better. I would be delighted to see more articles like this. :D (Do I take it Sue Richardson is Sue number 1? xD )

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Hi guys


Yes it's me who wrote the circle time article.


Thanks for your positive comments :D


Please feel free to ask if there is any aspect of what we do now in my setting that you would like to know more about. We have done some fab activities so if you want use some of them please just ask.


Be prepared though, as soon I will be on the hunt for new ideas and where better to get them than from all my friends on this site :)



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Hi Sue


Excellent article. I've printed it off for quick easy assess. Thanks for sharing it.



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