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Hi, I have now spent hours searching the net for my dissertation and have come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to change from' story aids and their role in language development', as there just isn't enough specific information. :o


So now the title is 'Storytelling - A powerful developmental tool'.


I really need to build a file of early years practitioners views, so if you can help in anyway it would be a big help.


Fiona. :D

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Hi Steve,

yes thanks I have found the storymaking discussion on the site and added my plea for help. Hope it brings results.


regards. Fiona.

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Hi Fiona,

I've answered one of your other posts on this topic, but I've thought of something else, so I'll add it here. I think it's a better title for your dissertation because you can include all the stuff on storyaids anyway!

The other points that spring to mind are the development in other areas of the curriculum as a result of the children being surrounded by a rich culture of storymaking, eg art, DT, music, movement, drama, and PSE. You might think about taking a storybook and seeing how many activities you can come up with which will cover these curriculum areas.

We could start a new forum where practitioners could recommend books and suggest activities associated with them. This would be a brilliant resource for our members. What does anyone think? I'll do the first one if anyone thinks this is a good idea!! :o

Finally, I don't know if you are familiar with the Steiner approach. Steiner teachers tell (not read) the same story to the children over a week/fortnight/month, using carefully chosen rich language. The repetition is believed to aid language development and the children's imagination. You may get some more information about this on their website.

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