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Definition Of A Day Off?


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Had a day off from work today as I'm doing a double shift on Friday. Here's how I spent it:


1. 6.00am take husband to work - 28 mile round trip

2. Get kids ready for school - packed lunches etc etc and hang out washing (started at 5am)

3. Drop kids at 2 different schools

4. Get roped in to helping out at school for a couple of hours or so (I'm CRB checked and down as relief TA)

5. Get home, quick cuppa then take eldest son for haircut in preparation for job interview at lunchtime

6. Go to bank for husband and at same time get card/present for youngest son's friends birthday party on Friday

7. 1pm - take son to job interview and get some bits and pieces from nearby supermarket while waiting.

8. 2pm - interview over back home for another quick coffee

9. Back to school for 2.30 to watch son maypole dancing (best bit of the day by far)

10. Pick up kids from school

11. Take kids and dogs for quick walk in park

12. Pick husband up from work - another 28 mile round trip

13. Cook tea

14 Help kids with homework

15. Bathtime

16. 8.30pm - do ironing

17. 9pm - my one luxury watch Alan Sugar in The Apprentice

18 Get clothes ready for tomorrow when it all starts again.


Back to work tomorrow for a rest!!! Don't you sometimes wonder how we all manage to juggle so many different things? No wonder I'm usually asleep by 10pm. My new year's resolution was to make some time for me, problem is I can't seem to find a clock that has 32 hours in the day!!



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