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I've got OFSTED next Monday and Tuesday and have gone into panic mode.

I will have 3 extra adults with me during the morning session. (Class of 27 Reception children)

Do you think I could have 2 focusssed activities or do they want to see more free choice?

I generally have 1 adult going outside, 1 working with a group on a literacy activity, 1 working with a group on a numeracy activity and 1 floating doing observations etc. The children work on a structured rotation of activities in the morning in this (the summer term.) The last OFSTED inspector was happy with that arrangement and it went quite well but things have changed since then so I don't know if what I plan to do will be acceptable.

Any suggestions please.

Also my topic is jungles and animals - any suggestions?

Thanks in anticipation

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Hello Elbee, I deleted your double post. As for Ofsted, all I can say is do what you would normally, don't make too many changes or the children will respond differently, do what they are used to.

I'm preschool so haven't experienced reception inspection and I'm sure some words of support and wisdom will be added soon by those who have.

Good luck and I'm sure everything will be fine. Let us know how it goes.




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Good luck with OFSTED. As said before don't change to much from normal structure as children will be the first to give you away!!!!! 'But we don't usually do this?' :o Bless them!!

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Hi Elbee the ofsted focus is much more on the SMT and the SEF than on classroom teaching although you may find that the inspector pops in and out or does a longer obs with feedback if you are very unlucky!

I wouldnt change what you do, you know why you do what you do and that is the important thing. If you are FS coord you may get asked to an interview and the emphasis seems to be tracking progress and how your FSP scores are used in KS1.

It is very SEF dependent though.



Good luck, have fun and Im sure it will all be ok.

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