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can any one please help me i work in a private day care nursery and have just been moved into the baby room caring for children aged 6 to 18 months im bit unsure of resources i should be providing for the child. All the nursery seems to have is pop up , musical and rattle toys i tried painting with the babies yesterday all they did was eat the paint soo dread to try gluing (well could try it atleast they won't cry if they eat it they'll glue their lips together ha ha ha bless them) SORRY ONLY JOKING. i tried water play and 2 of them sreammmmmmed sand play they liked that.

also our support teacher was in nursery on yesterday and said i need to define the areas within the baby room

i have a book area, sand tray, rattle box, musical toys corner, blocks, eating area. what areas do you have?

also do you do any planning , individual planning or planning for the whole room

please help me i would really appricate your advice and guidedence


thanks in advance

ashley x x

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Guest budgie1

i tried painting with the babies yesterday all they did was eat the paint soo dread to try gluing" :o

Sorry Ashley,

cant help smiling at your comments, also cant help with any ideas for the babies, but your comments did make me appreciate my " grown up " reception class who (for the most) dont eat the paint or glue!

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Not currently working with your age range so a bit out of practice (my 3 children are teenagers - yeuk!) but what about treasure baskets/heuristic (sp) play using natural resources for children to explore?


If you do a forum or internet search there's quite alot of information around.

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What about a basket of interesting objects, they could be natural or man made, things that have an interesting texture such as a fircone, silk scarf, pebble fron beach, tissue paper.

A number of decorated shoe boxes with something different in each box for investigating.

Obviously nothing should be small enough to swallow.

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how to paint with babies...


STRIP THEM (to nappies) we then put them in all in one vests.


cover the floor with paper.


Pour paint onto paper in blobs and then let them crawl all over the paper.


Make sure you use non toxic paint and then warn parents you have done painting today they may have purple/green/black/orange pooh.

Not one of our parents has a problem with this activity!


gluing with babies...


use double sided sticky tape. Prepare paper with blobs of double sided sticky tape and provide sticking bits and then leave them to it!


as for other activities:

boxes for crawling in

bottles filled with different coloured water, glitter, pasta, stones, etc etc

tub of soil



shredded paper



mirror on the floor to crawl on


i'll think of some more later!

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Guest Wolfie

Featherstone Education (I think they've just been taken over but not sure who by!) do some lovely resource books in two series called "Baby and Beyond" and "Little Baby Books".




Although there are references to B23 in them - and so will go "out of date" with the EYFS in September, obviously the ideas won't - I reckon they would give you lots of ideas and starting points. :o

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Pour paint onto paper in blobs and then let them crawl all over the paper.

Wow what a great way to paint! Do you have any photos of the artists at work? Would love to see them.



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yahooooo :oxD:(:(:( :wacko: xD :rolleyes: :unsure: ;):ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r: thanks for ideas will deffo be trying them out next week thank you

i did inform the parents of the children who where painting warning them there pooo might be blue they laughed and where glad their children where experincing with painting.


thanks again

ashley x


p.s will let you know how i get on

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I'll upload some pictures on Monday.


Ok, I've had more thinking so I can help some more.


essential piece of equipment is a paddling pool, we use it for water play, ball play, paper play and anything else we like to contain in one place.


we've also just purchased a cosy nest which is essentially a wicker dog basket with a soft cover, if you'd told me it would be one of my most popular pieces of equipment I'd have laughed at you BUT it is fantastic! Children climb in and out and quite a few of them lie in it and just fall asleep, really recommend you get one.


We also just put them at the table/ high chair) and put "messy" (Gloop, icing, yoghurt, beans etc), stuff directly onto the table to play with. Or pour paint onto table and cover table with cling film and let them move the paint around.

Teddies and soft dolls are very popular.


feathers, materials, playdough use a recipe without the salt, handbags, old mobile phones, laminated pictures of peoples faces, animals, pots pans. old food boxes just for picking up and putting things in and (eating!).


hope these help!

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