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Hi all

I'm doing a case study on what preschool practitioners think of the QAF.

Would any of you be willing to answer about 5 questions for me to analyse as part of my study?

I would need your permission to use your responses (anonymously of course) and would respect confidentiality at all times.

I am also asking our chair & the playgroup leader but they're very close to me so I would appreciate some views from around the country if possible.

thanks in anticipation


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The questions are :

Q1. Have you found the QAF to be a useful working document?

Q2. Why?

Q3. If yes, will you continue to refer to the framework & how will you do this?

Q4. If no, would you consider using the framework in the near future and what would make you change your mind?

Q5. Can you suggest an alternative to the framework?


have removed my email

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I would be happy to do so as well - you can drop an email into my box




i'm having real problems using this system. Help!!!!

I'd like to reply with my email edited out but i can't do it! IT is not my speciality.


I have now worked out what I'm doing. Phew, brain power slowly but surely running out!

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