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Hi i'm new to this site and am really hoping someone here might be able to help.

I am the manager of a day nursery and have just got through to stage two of a tender application to work in partnership with a new childrens centre opening locally.


As part of this stage I have to carry out a 15 minute presentation on the following topic


"How do you ensure that children are involved in the delivery of the Every Child Matters outcomes?"

with emphasis on:

- how views are noted

- inclusion of views from children in venerable groups


Not sure where to start and only have til tuesday! Its a panel of 5 people I have to present my info to.


Any advice GREATLY received.




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I would emphasise partnership with parents and giving both parents and children a strong and active voice within the CC. You will want to discuss multi agency working and how to encourage more vunerable social groups to access the daycare this could be through taster settings, creche's within community groups, stay and plays. You would also need to emphasis the importance of observing and listening to the children and parents through a large range of ways, including the fact that literacy can be an obstacle for parents. Ensuring there is a parents forum/meting regularly, newsletters, coffee mornings all are good opportunitys for parents to voice their's and their childs views on the setting. If you go on the surestart website and look at their vision for CC this will give you ideas on what they see a CC role in the community. Good Luck

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hi and well done so far

good luck for tuesday


one way to tackle would be to brain storm all that u do in each different area of ecm

for example

looking under keeping healthy what your setting does and how the children are involved

snacks= children make snacks or reading handa's surprise and tasting differnt fruits which the children voted on to include as new snacks etc


yo would probably be amazed at hwo much u involve the children already and gain their views


i dont know if u do seal at your nursery setting but the development of seal has greatly involved our children in being more involved


also looking at case studies online under ecm's on what different settings did could be way to show u have considered next steps too




In its programme to improve the lives of children, called Every Child Matters, the Government outlined what it thinks are the five most important things for children.

Seven hundred children aged 12 and under were invited to an event at Legoland in Windsor and asked what they thought about those five points, summarised in this 2006 report. this report is available




the involvement of agencies and building of trust with child and parent- vulnerable groups the settings visitors =nurse health visitor locall police etc


i know l'm talking to the converted here and hope this isnt patronising but finish on a good luck dont think it has to be all powerpoints examples of children's work observation etc are a lovely way to straight away engage someones attention

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thanks everyone for your help, i've made a good start now.


Just struggling with the economic well being outcome, what examples could i use for this?


Will be glad when tuesdays over, the panel are coming to visit our setting monday afternoon and then I have a parents evening on monday night which we are trying to get ready for also.

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do u have an influx of visitors to support your different role-play areas or visits tovets airport banks etc the differeing role-play areas links with ecominic local community


we did a money week where we took on board being managers designers of a business and looked at roles of people in the community and our families and obviously made links with local buisnesses i was so surprised to see how much stereotyping still goes on we played with playmobil play people dressed in jobs and i still had some children saying only girls are nurses boys fly planes


i agree with what Marion has said- we greatly contribute to this when u think of parent helpers over the years and how parents skills- itc communication etc are developed as well as confidence by us through valuing and involving them in the education process of their child and how they get to feel that they can leave their children in a safe and secure environment and get back into the job market


nearly all our t..a's, caretakers, welfare, education students, who are involved in our school initially came in as a parent helper

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Hi Wolfie


I have been looking into Children's right to participation as part of my Foundation degree and came across your post - I think it is a wonderul idea to have a specific policy on Involving and Consulting children.


I would love to draw up one for our own Children's Centre. Would you mind if I used yours as a base? Did you base this policy on any other documents?


Many thanks

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Guest Wolfie

I haven't been on here for ages and then when I do I find that someone has asked me a question!


Here's the policy - written a long time ago now and probably in need of reviewing but I have changed jobs since I wrote it! I hope that it is of some use - I don't remember using any other documents, but if anyhting comes to me later, I'll let you know! :o


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