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Any Ideas For A 20 Minute Session? Advice Please!


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Thought I might ask for your advice on something that has been baffling me for a couple of days now... I am going for a senior position at school which will include teaching in Reception, which I am really rather excited about! I spent my first year in KS1, in Year 1 last year which I loved and I moved schools last year and am teaching Year 2 at the moment. So although I am familiar with Infants, I need to prep up on the littley ones!


As part of the interview process I need to teach a 20 minute session in Reception and so was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what to do, can be any subject at all. It's like being in a sweet shop, far too much choice!


Also, this weekend is dedicated to reading up on anything and everything about Foundation Stage/Nursery settings, planning, assessment, target setting, etc.. everything! Does anyone suggest any good publications/websites etc to go to?


Thank you so much!

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Hi sunshineedays


I can't remember having welcomed you to the Forum before, so welcome!


Can't really help with the teaching session - but as far as reading up about the Foundation Stage goes, I'd definitely look up all the articles/threads on here about the EYFS, and also go to the DSCF website - I never get the letters in the same order twice. If you haven't seen the pack yet, you can download it to have a good look at it. But I'd definitely order your own copy...



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Foundation Stage forum seems like a good place to start!


I would think you need to familiarise yourself with the EYFS which you can access via QCA.


As for an activity, something based on a favourite story might be a good way to go.

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