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Hi there, me again


We have also been asked if there is any literacy and NUmeracy equipment that we would like to add to a wish list but i have drawn a blank! i am sure that there is lots that i could buy!!! (i love spending other people's cash!) and was wondering if there was anything that people can't live without or unusual things that i could add to this list?


No promises that i will get - all the school putting in a list! but 'shy bairns get nowt!' so i might as well add it to the list!



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Hi again

Hard to know what to suggest as not sure what you have. My 2 favourites and the childrens are:

Numeracy: I have a resource called Numicon which is good for counting and then adding, subtraction and goes on to tens and units if used firther up the school. There is a website try typing Numicon into google.

Literacy: Stile, great for matching sounds, letters, and leads onto sentences and is self correcting so the children can work independently as well as teacher lead. I am useless at remembering where i get things from but I think the company who makes this is LDS or LSD but it must have been in one catelogue somewhere!

I use alot of ICT programmes from Sherston/BBC for both eg Izzy's Island, Bucket and Spade.

I hope your wishes are granted :)


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I think it is TTS who make sets of wooden pictures of ALL the items in the PIPs activities. Saves so much time looking for them to play the games. They also make other really good early years resources often designed or suggested by teachers. They would be in my wish list!! :o

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