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Hi Sadie


I'm no expert (and I'm not from your area) but I would have thought that there would be no legal basis for restricting the funding for children in any particular sector. Every child has a legal entitlement once they reach the qualifying age - and LAs are committed to working with the PVI sector, aren't they?


There was a discussion on here I think about this (you didn't start it did you - I said this to someone yesterday only to find I was referring to an earlier post by the same person!).


I know that there are funding issues - because state nurseries are funded irrespective of the numbers of children they have whereas obviously the PVI sector is funded depending on the numbers of eligible children. Obviously if you are a bean counter you might be well disposed to sending as many childen as possible to the state provision because it could be cheaper (especially if there is spare capacity there). Or am I being overly cynical?


I'd say you probably need to get a legal view of this - the PLA or NDNA might have a view?


Good luck!



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I don't think they can legally limit the number of PVI funded places as long as the settings are accredited to receive the funding - in our area we have to go through a parallel process to OFsted to be eligible for the funding. this takes 1 to 2 terms for a new setting.


I think each local authority has to estimate (presumably from birthrate figures) how many children they will need to fund in any given tax year then they are expected to ensure all those children get a free place if the parents claim it.

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HI, just to be nosy

how many children attend who are funded?

We have just received our first instalement of funding and have 32 children funded on register.just wondering on numbers of various settings.

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