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Hi All,



This is my first time and god I need help? Where do Istart my ccld level 3. To me it makes sense to start at the beginning and work my way through. But my assessor has told me so start with one of my options 318 and to say the least I am totally confused. Help me please and any advice on writing up a reflective report would be really much appreciated or what to put in it, basically I have been left to my own devices. Helllllllllllllllllllllppppppppppp.

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Hi mandapir and welcome to the Forum.


Try not to panic - you've come to the right place for help and advice. Someone will come along with some words of wisdom shortly but not me I'm afraid: I don't get the whole NVQ thing.


I just didn't want you to thinkyou were on your own :o



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Hi and welcome, I can't really offer much advice, only that I remember that feeling when I started the NVQ 3, that was quite a while ago now, but you need to write a reflective report saying how and what you would do if....if you look at the criteria of the question or unit, then basically reflect and write incident's up, trying to fill in information to be signed of.


I don't know if things have changed but I had to start by saying...At my setting blah blah blah, and fill in relevant and significant details basically to show your knowledge about the job. I then had knowledge criteria questions which needed background reading to ensure I could support the learning with theory and best practice.

I am sure things may of changed and hope someone will come along to help, my big memory of the NVQ is I thought I would never get the hang of the procedure and process of handing in a unit with all the correct info in to be signed off, in the end I resigned myself to the fact that when I handed a unit to my assessor it would come back with gaps to be filled, it is a learning process in itself.

However on a lighter note it allowed me to do the foundation degree so keep at it, and use the forum there are some great people on here who are generous with their support and full of wisdom, trouble is you get addicted and have to log on regularly in case you may miss something. You can learn loads from reading through the posts and the articles about theorists are really good reading too.


Good luck.

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Hi mandapir and welcome to the forum.

Have you seen the guidance in the resources section which you can find here. I am sure you will find them useful. As to what order you do them in I suppose it is really up to you. I know my staff started at the beginning and worked their way through. Once they had got a couple of units under their belts they felt more confident to look further ahead and see if they could use any of the work they had done for later units.

I think most people find NVQ's a bit confusing. If you feel more confident tackling the first unit now then tell your assessor. She/he is there to help you as well as assess you.


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HI and welcome.

I completed this NVQ last year-Dont panic it does look daunting when you start .I started at the begining and found that as you worked your way through you could carry previous work over. But I dont suppose it matters.Start on a unit thats least daunting to you -If there is one!!

I had a brilliant handbook for the course by Kate Beith/Penny Tassoni Published by Heineman.Its about £20 in Waterstones so not cheap but worth its weight in gold .It guides you through each mandatory unit.Maybe you could borrow it from the library.or try Amazon or Ebay for a 2nd hand one.

Good luck with your studies

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