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Does anyone have inspiration for jungle/ wild animal themed songs and rhymes? Also stories and ideas for sand/small world play. Can we use bark chippings in school? Was thinking of having plastic wild animals in a tray with them...........Thanks for the help

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Went to the Jungle One Day

(sung to the tune: "London Bridge)

I went to the jungle one day, jungle one day, jungle one day.

I saw a lion on the way and this is what he said, "ROAR"!

Keep adding other jungle animals and their sounds


5 little monkeys up in a tree (show 5 fingers on one hand)

Teasing a big crocodile, "You can't catch me, you can't catch me".

Along came the big crocodile as mean as he could be (use other hand to make a mouth opening and shutting) And SNAP ("bite" off one of the fingers )

4 little monkeys up in a tree...etc


The animals in the jungle (sung to The wheels on the bus)

The monkeys in the jungle say ooh, ooh, aah, ooh, ooh, aah, ooh, ooh, aah,

The monkeys in the jungle say ooh, ooh, aah, all day long.

continue with parrots say squawk tigers say grrr ...

Down In The Jungle (chant)


Begin by having children slap their hands on their knees and then clap them together to set the rhythm of the chant.

Down in the jungle With the beat in your feet, Think of an animal That you'd like to meet. That you'd like to meet ________! (Call out a child's name and have them name a jungle animal)

A (Monkey), A (Monkey) She wants to see a (Monkey)!

Then have all of the children imitate a monkey. Keep repeating and naming different animals for the children to imitate and don't forget the growls, screeches, and roars! This is also great for large motor indoors on rainy days. It can be changed to Down on the Farm.

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I've used bark from our adventure playground before in the tuff spot.


Our fave jungle song is still the classic 'Down in the Jungle'. I have copied the words off a thread on TES:


Down in the jungle where nobody goes,

There's a *'growling gorilla' (make anaimal noise) washing his clothes,(*subsitute different animal plus kids think of an action to go with it)

With a rub-a-dub here and a rub-a-dub there, (rub hands together over to the left then over to the right)

a rub-a-dub, rub-a-dub everywhere (both hands together and as if washing windows!)

high, fly, a boogie woogie, woogie (hands up in aur for 'high', hands in middle for 'fly' and boogie whole body forwards and backwards for boogie woogie!)

high, fly, a boogie, woogie, woogie,

High, fly, high fly a boogie, woogie woogie,

The growling gorilla is washing his clothes

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Jungle Boogie Woogie is a cracker!! can buy it in book shop, with CD!

We bought it last year and the kids love it.



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We downloaded "In the Jungle" onto the ipod and the children moved like different jungle animals in PE - we painted their faces to look like different animal and we read The monkey puzzle too.

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