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Not sure where to put this and I'm switching hats a bit here to my business hat :( not selling promise :o but thought it would be of interest.


I was talking to my fabric rep for my business who was showing me his new range for 2008.He flicked over his fabric swatches and something large and bright and caterpillar shaped jumped out at me.


He had no idea who or what it was. xD


Turns out Makower fabrics have come to a licencing agreement with the Eric Carle foundation.Eric Carle images are very heavily copywrited both here and in the US.At the moment they have just put into production a Very Hungry Caterpilllar range to see how it goes.The first fabric is 3 large pictures-caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly per half metre.The second is a montage of the food, a spotty effect like the inside covers and some cordinating fabrics.Designed for crafters and quilt makers.Due in the country in May so shops are being told June delivery so if your interested check out your craft shops.


I'm tempted to stock the range but its a big initial outlay.I've never put a web link in a post so here goes?????

If i doesn't work on the Makower UK Ltd site is a pre-view and also a shop finder.

Preview of fabric

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I'm sure that will be of interest to a great many people - thanks for sharing that with us biccy. I'll move this into the Resources part of the forum as it will tend to get lost quite quickly in the Lounge. :o

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Guess what? My mum has just returned from visiting my sister in Texas and I went to see her today and the first thing she said to me was, 'you've got to see this lovely fabric I found in a quilting shop' - and she's bought the very hungry caterpillar fabric! :o She's going to quilt a wallhanging for my little girl - now I'm going to ask my sister to get some more for me to make cushions for my book corner!



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