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Hi -


Hoping that there are many of you out there that will be able to help me - my mind is blocked and I can no longer come up with any ideas. I have a mixed nursery and recption class and the topic we are about to start when we get back is On the Doorstep and In the Garden.


The first two weeks we are going to look at the local environment, children will get to walk around their local area and be provided with opportities to talk about things they like/dislike, we shall also go on a rubbish hunt and collect litter that has been dropped and then sort it once back in the classroom. Was also thinking children could desgin a healthy picnic they would like to eat.


The third week moves onto in the garden and thinking about growing, thought we could look at the Bean diary and children to start to grow their own beans and keep a very simple bean diary.


Fourth week looking at the story of Jaspers Beanstalk.


5th week looking at the story of The Enormous Turnip, planting own turnip seeds, making veg soup, aciting out story using puppets.


6th Week looking at a poem about growing, designing seed packets drawing observational pictures of veg and fruit.


All very Reception based I know, could anyone help me with lovely ideas I can plan for my nursery children please? Many Thanks in advance.

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There is a growing article here which you may find useful. And if you search the forum posts, search button is in the top right hand corner, and type in growing you will lots more stuff.


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I don't think I've welcomed you to the Forum, smiling teacher - welcome!


We have our own allotment so our children are pretty used to watching stuff grow in the long term but they have also enjoyed quick growing things like cress (in the past we have helped children arrange the cotton wool into the shape of the letter of their first name but they have also enjoyed making 'egg' heads by putting the cotton wool into the top of an empty egg case too!). Planting beans in a glass jar is good too!


Sorry - bit brain dead at the moment but there will be loads of advice on offer, I'm sure!



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