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Hi there everyone,


Im new to this so not really sure if Iam getting it right but here goes!!!


Just wondering if anyone has achieved or is working on The Bristol Standard? I'm just embarking on it for the first time so would appreiciate any tips or guidance.




Shellc5 :o

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we have had this for last 3 years and passed verification well each time.


No need to write lots and lots when looking at what you do well, keep it concise, and ensure that you have evidence for most of it, cross referenced and easy to find , it will often relate to more than one Dimension. Some things are hard to find evidence for so you don't need it fro all, but helps if you can.


Put in pictures...alliterated..always helps to illustrate things.


Make all goals etc SMART

Make sure you can achieve it in a short space of time and you only need one or two for each Dimension. and when choosing goals to do in the next year don't be over ambitious, pick the 3 major ones that you know can be completed in the year ,it makes the next one easier to do!!


Also a big tip is when doing your goals build up a folio of evidence as you go along, when you need to write up how you have done it makes it so much easier, we just put it all in a folder and assessed it at end of the year.


make sure everyone is involved, not just one person , they can easily notice when it is not done!


Always willing to help if I can, PM or email me with questions.. not always promising I can answer though. we are not doing it this year needed a full review and we really had no time to do it.



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