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Just out of curiosity I was wondering how you structure your fee's.


Do you have a set fee for before and after school or during school holidays?


Do you charge an hourly fee or a daily fee? Is your fee inclusive of food, outings, nappies etc etc?


Do you charge for your holidays, parents holidays, sickness etc etc.....you get the gist lol lol :o


Oh and last but not least which area are you from?


Sorry, I'm just feeling in a rather nosey mood today !!!! xD

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Hi thats ok i am nosey all the time lol


for me i charge an hourly fee of 3.50 but i work mine for school children as:


40 weeks full fee

12 weeks half fee (weather or not they want to use me in the holidays) then round it up and divide it into 12 there is my monthly fee which i will get regardless.

If i am used in the holidays then i just add the other half of the fee onto the invioce as and when they use me.


For full timers its more or less the same i just ask them how many weeks holiday they intend to take and work it out the same way Yes 4 of those weeks are my holiday too.


As a compramice i will agree to those parents who do not want to use me in the holidays is if i fill the place then they wont get charged.But obviously the place wont be available to them if they decide to use me and iv already filled it.


I also charge full fee for the hours the child is at pre-school


i charge full fee for childs/parents sickness but do not charge for my sickness


My fees include snacks of pitta bread,toast,fruit,yogurts etc and milk.


for meals i will charge extra per meal


my fees also include paying for outings and toddler groups.......



im from cambridgeshire


hope this makes sense lol

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Hi Ray,


Yes it does make sense lol (although with it being late in the day I had to read it twice :o:( )!


Monday - Friday I charge £4 per hour and this includes all snacks, meals, drinks, outings, toddler groups, shows etc.

I provide breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch and a lite bite/light tea (I want to encourage parents and child to have one meal together but would provide an evening meal on request at an additional cost of £2.


On a Saturday I charge £6 per hour from 9-4pm anything before or after that is charged £7 per hour.

Before school - £5 per session

After school - £8.50 per session

Bank holidays I'm open but fee increases.


I also offer discounted rate if parents provide their own snacks and meals, for a full-time place and for the eldest sibling.


I charge full fee for parent and child occasional days off, holidays and sickness.

I don't charge for my own holidays or sickness.


Oh and nearly forgot I'm in North Wales !



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HI. I used to charge £4 an hour for everyone. I was just about to put it up to £4.50 tho, but then I gave up! I charged when they were off (as I am still available for their use), but not when I was off (as I am unavailable). I never worked weekends, bank hols etc, and didn't work before 8am or after 6pm. My fees included everything except nappies.

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