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Teacher Directed Activites - How Many ?


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just out of interest - how many adult directed activites / focussed adult work do you do with your children each day and will your whole class have taken part in this activity by the end of the day ?

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I have 10 year 1 and 9 reception.

All do a phonics group activity.

All do a class CLL activity and then a group / individual one (Rec may only be 10-15 mins).

All do a class maths activity and then Y1 always do group / individual, and Rec normally do group activity.

Reception have 2 guided reading group sessions a week. Y1 have 1 guided reading group session a week.

In the afternoon there is usually a class topic / theme related activity / discussion which may be followed by a teacher directed activity (Y1) or used to kickstart/inspire some child initiated ideas instead.

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At the moment my class do:


20 mins group phonics every day

20 mins whole class CLL 4 x a week

15-20 mins whole class maths 4 x a week

20 mins guided reading a week

20 mins (approx) adult focused activity in morning and same most afternoons


When not involved in these activities, they are mainly choosing.


Also have whole class music, PE, story/singing activities, etc.


Doesn't seem much compared to previous poster...would be interesting to see what others do!



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I think the key is to look over time at getting an equal balance of teacher directed/child initiated activity going on ( EPPE and EYFS). It's not an exact science though! In terms of all children doing the same thing I also feel that this depends on learning styles and I would always try to offer the intended outcome in a variety of ways over a week, some children might enjoy a small group board game whereas others need a big throwing bean bags into buckets outside game but both can be adding on - I don't believe they have to do the same activity. Whole group times are what they are and so will be everyone in - with these I like to se them planned across the day so they are spread out and don't cut across chunks of time. For FP judgements the NAA want them to come from observation of primarily child initiated, independent work with a notional 80% to 20% evidence from adult directed activities.


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