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I have been asked for an ISP review meeting to provide a raft of data for the whole class. I need to say how many children are working at age-related expectations. What progress has been made by specific under achieving groups (I have been told that these children need to make accelerated progress in order to achieve in line with age related expectations by the year end) Provide evidence of how planning has been adapted for these children. Evidence of the accelerarted progress made , where they have not made it explain why and what actions are taking place or are planned to ensure that they do manage it. I then need to identify which groups are making good progress (with reasons why), those making slow progress (with possible core barriers to learning) and pupils identified as falling behind (with possible barriers for learning)Then a summary sheet for class showing percentages on track to meet age related expectaions on pupil attainment and curricular targets.


Anyone have a view on what age related expectations are for a Reception child at this stage in the year for Reading, Writing and Maths (the subjects I have been asked for)? My assessment data for each child is done through highlighting profile statements through ref to observations and on teacher assessment we update these on a regular basis and change colour to denote which term the statement has been achieved in.





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Age related expectations have to be ELG related dont they?


Do you need to look at the ELGs as a whole rather than the Profile points. At this stage of the school year, I would have thought children should be largely meeting goals ie working in the grey band with some fallback into the previous SS descriptors but I've no experience of analysing this in this way.

If you are looking at the profile itself, children would have met points 1,2 and 3 and be working on points 4-8.


Good luck. Hope someone with more expertise will be along soon.

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I 've actually just had an ISP meeting on something similar - but mine was based on their must should and could targets covered so far rather than the FP ELG's so not sure if I'll be much help. Could you take some printouts from the FP which shows the classes achievements towards the ELG's - at this stage some of mine have got the Stepping stones and are working towards the others with some on 4 points and others achieving 5 if they are able but it really depends on what we've assessed/ observed and taught . The head wants us to put this in to a tracker sheet with 1 to 9 going up the side and then children's names filled in against the point score - this would maybe identify who needed targetting and where children were generally and you can generate percentages by counting how many are on 3 points 4 points etc ( not sure how useful it will be !). On my planning I write the ISp target if we are focussing on that and explained how the TA supported different groups to try to focus directly on those falling behind - probably things you do already. I was also asked to predict how many woulld achieve 9 points and who I was pleased with and like you the barriers to learning with those making little progress - any percentages came from the achievement of Must should could targets - ( none were making the could yet ! which i argued was because they had only really started to get to grips with some of the new targets and only just covered some of the things under the Foundation curriculm !) It was all supposed to be positive but i did feel like I was making excuses for those who hadn't reached their target - despite us targetting them they just couldn't get it :o our curricular targets are set up on a class list that we have to tick 5 times to say they've achieved this target and then you can calualute a percentage of how mow many achieved each must should and could read write and maths target !! Argh -

anyway hope this may have been a little help

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I would strongly recommend that you read through this booklet which is an outcome of the earlier ISP work done by the Primary strategy.


There are no interim national expectations for children unlike KS1/2 which have the sublevels, we have Ofsted guidance on entry:

Attainment on entry to F1; Yellow stepping stone

Attainment on entry to F2 blue/green SS

End of key stage expectations ELGs/FSP good level of attainment 78 points/6+ in all areas


Age related expectations then would be children working within Blue/green or grey ss/elgs or in an EYFS framework anywhere between 30 - 50/40 - 60 months depending on a raft of variable factors for each individual. This will be completely incomprehensible to your SMT I should expect.


You could identify those chn who entered below (yellow SS roughly 1st point on FSP scales) or those within blue/green (roughly within points 2/3 on FSP scales) andthose "above" ie already achieving some of the points 4 - 8 and then look at current fsp points achieved to demonstrate progress. However there is no expected pattern to what each child may have developed as again this will be unique to each individual and this will need to be reinforced with your SMT.


Look at scale points from a cohort perspective - are there any NOBODY has achieved yet and why? Is it provision, adults knowledge of what it looks like when chn do it, not enough independent opps etc etc. These will support your interventions.


There is a strong case for analysing your data to look at groups within it, e.g how well are your boys doing etc but your interventions may not be just about the children - the key question is what is MY target - what do I have to do to improve the quality of provision and experiences for the children so they can access the learning I want them to, e.g. reviewing outdoor writing oppps for underachieving boys reluctant to write etc etc You may have to explain that the next step may not lie in CLL/MD but in other interrelated areas such as CD. Your planning adaptation may well lie in changes to the learning environment and provision as much as planned adult focused work.


You may want to offer them PSED also as there will be indicators there about areas that will impact on progress e.g. Dispositions and attitudes.


Hope this is some help -



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Thank you so much to all three of you for the replies. It sounds really stupid, but I am finding everything about my job so stressful at the moment that I am often close to tears, not at work, but at home. Everything you are saying makes great sense and is helpful. My stress levels are leading me to find the process of dealing with this stupidly overwhelming. Last week I said that PSE areas are often a barrier and that intervention through the provision of more formal and academic intervention would not be the answer to moving these children on. I know that such an approach, for children with limited maturity, whose needs are most definately elsewhere would be detrimental to their progress and have a negative impact towards their attitude to learning and school. Whilst lip service agreement may be paid to my expressing of such views, it is not genuine. For example, criticism was made recently in a lesson observation when at the end of a carpet session the outdoors was opened and many children 'rushed' outside. The suggested improvement is that they could be allowed to go outside when they have 'done their work'. Children who went outside and were accessing many valid opportunities and needs in my view, were deemed to have made no progress during the lesson. Sorry to ramble....more tears coming on.

AOB :o

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AOB take a deep breathe!


What a dreadful SLT you must have to let you get into this state. Do you have any support you could ask for from you Local Authority? We have Advisers in EY and they are really useful and will talk to SLTs and support us in EY.


Also do you use the e-profile? I have found this so helpful in analysing for the SLT and it really has helped me to keep up my practice when they are shouting about Standards!


The new EYFS has also been a help as it has such an emphsis on the unique child.


Keep your spirits up!

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What is your set up? Do you have a FS team or are you on your own? Is there a coordinator - if there is they should be supporting you with this and fighting some of those battles!


You may have to steel yourself and find a middle way, look at the lit/num progress but also use the PSED to inform any discussions about the lower attaining chn within th cohort. (you might like to emphasise the Early years outcomes duty for all LAs focuses on PSED and CLLD and is what LAs will be looking at in terms of schools outcomes to judge the impactof FS provision etc etc)


Also identify chapter and verse in the EYFS where you are required to provide a balance of child initiated/adult pinitiated etc etc so you can readily refer to this in discussions.


It's really hard when SMTs are totally uninformed about FS, the EYFS will hopefully make expectations clearer but don't despair.


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